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Homo Sublima – The Revelations, emerges from over three years of meticulous research, experimentation, and countless revisions. Its mission? To illuminate the profound societal shifts ushered in by technological progress. Crafted to be accessible, this book offers lucidity and direction, guiding readers on how to navigate this emerging age while ensuring our path remains harmonious with our planet. Every word is the result of deep reflection and personal experience, ensuring a narrative you can trust and find inspiration in. We are more than just human; we possess potentials that outshine even the most advanced machines. We have the power to transcend, sublime, to leap into the next epoch of civilisation. Prepare to embark on an unexpected journey; the gateway to our future is wide open.

Published in 2010 and Sold Out

What is your bank doing in 2020? Will it still exist then? Or, like its colleagues, has it disappeared from the commercial and economic world? At the moment, we are concerned about the bonus culture within banks, but isn’t the divide much deeper? Isn’t the problem much larger? Are banks finding a way to anticipate the pressure society is exerting on them? Or is this pressure only causing more cracks? Is the end of banks and insurers in sight, and will they soon belong to our prehistoric heritage?

These and other questions are at the center of ‘Bankroots in 2020,’ in which Bruno Fabre examines the banking system. With a critical eye, he looks at the irreversible process in which banks and insurers are currently embroiled. This leads him to the real question: ‘Is the bank heading for Evolution or is it heading towards a Revolution?’ Whatever happens, as Fabre concludes, it will have a significant impact on intermediaries, independent financial advisors, financial training centers, and schools. But they can prepare for it