Bio of an Author, Tech Philosopher and Global Keynote Speaker

Bruno Fabre

Hailing from France, Bruno’s academic journey began at Centrale-Supélec, a prestigious top-tier educational institution, where he specialized in Artificial Intelligence. Beginning his career as a computer scientist, he later transitioned to the financial sector, leveraging his tech expertise. In 2010, he penned and published his first book, “Bankroots in 2020,” in just 9 months, advocating for a more human-centric approach to finance.

Bruno’s ventures didn’t stop there. He innovated in education through pioneering startups, drove innovation in both the private and public sectors, and scaled businesses to international level.

His newest book, Homo Sublima, merges his profound business experiences with his personal growth journey. Beyond the corporate realm, Bruno is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, holds a degree in Spiritual Healing, and is a certified Iceman Trainer.

Bruno’s vision: merging the power of modern technology with ancient wisdom. By intertwining our recent advancements with age-old knowledge, he believes we can craft a society anchored in compassion, love, and respect for our planet. In Bruno’s view, the future beckons a world where love and compassion aren’t just words but guiding principles, fostering a deep and respectful connection with nature and our planet ♥︎