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"I want to escape and find paradise..."

Holiday joy! 

Most of the time holidays are supposed to be a relief from tension and every day's burden. However, when we are back home, we fall back in our old habits.

How can we hang on to this moment of bliss, this feeling of being deeply changed and renewed? 🤲🏻 

You can be yourself, getting back your strenght and health

ALL the solutions to our problems are inside of us, mostly hidden or unreachable. Unreachable until we learn some important insights and experience them in a safe and small setting. Under the guidance of a professional healer, your journey will be unique 💆🏻‍♀️

So here you are, at the door steps of your own exclusive healing journey, where you will learn a lot about yourself, and get all the help you might need, within a very small group of female participants 🙍🏻‍♀️

Everything has been well considered in order to give you the most amazing experience. It will release all your inner powers and makes you feel energetic, protected. You will gain self-love and self esteem.

Yes we are aware that self-love can be an issue, but it is there, only waiting for you to be discovered! 💗

Incredibly Amazing! I found a magnificent place, but also myself!! I cried of happiness and relief 💖

I. from The Netherlands

What happened there was far beyond my imagination. I had this deep wish, but never thought it would be possible

B. from The Netherlands

From one surprise to the other, everyone should do this at least once in her life! It changed mine!! 😍

K. from the Netherlands

You are going to able to feel, laugh, love again...

Exclusive Villa Retreat 

One of the most peaceful places of Ibiza, with rooms which are energetically set up for your healing nights. A delightful dream location for a deep rest and joyful moments 🌈

Dream Vegan Food

The most exquisite food for your body to revitalize, that will take your senses to Heaven 🌟

Daily Gentle Awakening

Under supervision of a Professional Yoga Teacher, your body will regain its souplesse and let you experience comfort and joy 🧘🏻‍♀️

Private Healing Session

Heal your wounds through your private energy session with your Master Healer Bruno 💎

Plenty of time to Rest

Walk to the beach and let the sun help you to restore your energy level, let the smile appear on your face again 💋

A Private Massage

Liberating tensions, feeling totally relaxed, through the professional hands of your female masseuse. 

You might even fall asleep 💝

Become the New You ❤️

We can offer space for only 9 ladies, in order to maintain the high quality and care of your experience. 

Your journey is from Sunday the 19th of May to Saturday the 25th of May 2019

Make sure to subscrive on time to ensure your own healing retraite.

Tell us what you need and we will help you along the way 💞