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"I was feeling despaired, exhausted and did not know what to do anymore, until..."

So many times I had been to my G.P, got prescriptions and ended up talking endlessly to my psychologist. But nothing seemed to help, nothing seemed to change for me. 

My physical condition got worse, I paid a lot of visits to my G.P. , had many check ups, without any results. 

People around me said it was just in my head. 

I felt weaker and weaker, disappointed in myself, ashamed. 

I am supposed to be a strong woman, it made me feel really lonely, unseen, broken, unloved, ashamed 💔 

At some point, I even had thoughts of ending my misery, although I was scared to say them out loud. I felt so ashamed 😢

I heard about Energy Healing, Chakra's etc...

I was raised the old fashion way, rationally and never learned to follow my intuition. 

I called a friend of mine who was in the same condition as I was in. She was really sick, and devasted physically as well as mentally. 

When I got her on the phone, she sounded very joyful and enlighted. She told me she had seen a healer and felt transformed. She noticed big changes within a few days. 

I was surprised, asked her about her experience and wanted to know all about it. As I was still a skeptical, I paid her a visit 🚖

As soon as I saw her, I was overwhelmed 😳 by her appearance. Her eyes seemed brighter and her face more vivid. 

She shone! 💗

She explained to me about Healing

I was full of questions, and she said:

I just had to relax,

lay down and close my eyes.

His hands felt really powerful

as if Bruno sent me energy from a distance

I felt something moving inside

a kind of pleasant warmth.

Bruno said: 

everybody experiences it differently.

I just had to trust my own inner power.

Bruno said he was inducing Healing

through the loving power of the Universe


Thank you for your help, attention and energy! I slept almost the all day after visiting, and now everything is different!

I. from The Netherlands

Everything flows again, it's bizzare

S. from Ibiza

I understand my daughter better now, and she has more energy, she draws a lot. How great!

S. from The Netherlands

Pain is a condition, Healing is a solution

Healing and Prescriptions

You can keep taking your medication while undergoing a Healing process. Your body will adjust its energy and rebalance itself, whether it is a physical or mental issue, or even both you are dealing with. 

Always consult your G.P. before changing any of your medication 💊

Stay Dressed

For medical researches, you often have to undress. 

In this Healing process, you don't have to do that at all. 

While you stay fully dressed, Bruno keeps his hands within some distance from your body in order to adjust the right amount of energy that reaches you 🙌🏻

It is a very gentle approach, that gives you a sense of comfort and happiness


No need to Believe

If you believe or not, what you understand or not, it's not important. 

As living humans, we are energy, who are continuously influenced by our surrounding. 

During the healing, you will receive vibrations that are needed for you only. It will help you restore the balance of your own body and mind


Healing, all the way

This has been Life Changing for thousands and thousands of people.

It had been practised long before modern medicine even existed. 

Proven to be the best and quickest way to get cured.

Today can be the beginning of your new life, what ever you wish:

✔︎ living free from pain 

✔︎ catching better hours of sleep

✔︎ becoming a mother 

✔︎ feeling fit and energetic

✔︎ losing or gaining weight

✔︎ finding the right partner for you

✔︎ being at peace with yourself

✔︎ finding and reaching your life goals

⭐️ A Safe Feeling ⭐️

If you would like to chat with Bruno first, before engaging in a healing session, 

you can send a Message or chat via Whatsapp for any question you might have

I didn't know what to do anymore, had seen so many specialist, this was my last chance. It was a rebirth!

F. from the Netherlands

Totally unbelievable! And I was such a rational person! Don't know what you did, but it was Magic. Thank You 🙏🏻

S. from Ibiza

I had enough of "falling for the wrong guy". He changed my energy attraction, and I'm in love ❤️ and getting Married !!!!💍

M. from The Netherlands

Listen to your breath, feel the energy